Bev's teeth were so badly worn that her teeth did not line up properly.  She suffered from migraines for years.  By restoring her teeth to their natural sizes and shapes with all ceramic restorations, she was able to function normally again, her headaches have subsided, and by completing the work as aesthetically as possible, we also gave her back her smile.




Keith had experienced pronounced bone loss across most of his mouth.  After years spent with specialists and other dentists trying to defend his teeth, Keith and I finally made the decision to remove his teeth, thus eliminating the gum disease.  From there, two implant supported dentures were created for him, supported by a total of ten implants.  Keith is now able to confidently eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants.


Gord suffered for years from acid reflux, ultimately eroding away most of his teeth.  He was able to eat whatever he liked and he never experienced pain.  But he also never smiled.  He actually did not suffer from decay or gum disease in any meaningful way.  Finance was an issue so a Snap-On smile was fabricated for him, giving him back his confidence in social environments.


Maureen was simply tired of the way her smile looked and the mishmash of different fillings with different colours.  Her smile was restored conservatively with thin, ceramic restorations, making the shapes of the teeth more harmonious and the colour more consistent throughout her mouth.

Individual teeth restored. Beautifully.

Heavily restored tooth

Heavily restored tooth

 Crown in place 

Restoration in intermediate blue phase

Crown in place. Note: margin is 1/3 of the way up the tooth

Large mercury filling causing the tooth to fracture

Conservative preparation of the tooth

Crown in place

Crown in place. Note: margin is 1/2 way up the tooth

Unaesthetic metal/ceramic crown on the central incisor

Ceramic veneer and crowns on central incisors

Large mercury filling

Conservative white filling

Unaesthetic white fillings on central incisors

Ceramic crowns on central incisors. Done in one appointment

Unaesthetic spacing between teeth

Conservative ceramic veneers

Missing molars

Implant supported bridge

Unaesthetic metal ceramic restorations

Ceramic restorations on upper teeth, whitening of the lower teeth



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